Q: WHAT IS THE social serve?

A. We’re mixing up your favourite activities namely tennis, drinking, music and socialising and putting them all together in a fun-packed afternoon you’ll never forget.

Q: I’ve never played tennis before - am i welcome at the social serve?

A: Absolutely!! Our events are all about getting into (or back into) tennis. We have new ticket categories ranging from Beginner to Pro with our beginner ticket being are for those who have never played (or not for a while).

Q: I don’t have a partner nor a racquet - am i welcome at the social serve?

A: Definitely. We can pair you off with someone of similar standard on the day & racquets are available for hire at our venues.

Q: I play but am not very competitive - am i welcome at the social serve?

A: Yes, in fact we encourage it. The winners at our events will be the people with a cocktail in their hands grinning from ear to ear.

Q: I have a group of mates keen - can we all come?

A: Of course. In fact, we offer a sweet discount for groups. Grab our Party Crew or Player Crew packs for 10% off all tickets.

Q: what should I wear?

A: We have prizes for best dressed (be creative!) however any tennis wear is fine.

Q: I have a birthday and want to bring the party to a social serve event

A: What better way to celebrate another lap around the sun. As a bonus we have a FREE ticket for the birthday boy or girl plus a bottle of bubbly! Good times! Email us for more info.

Q: I don’t want to play - can i just watch?

A: 100%. Our Ash Barty Party tickets are the perfect way to relax by the bar with friends while the players sweat it out on court. All tickets come with a FREE cocktail on arrival too.

Q: social serve would be an epic work event. Do you run events for corporates?

A: We sure do. Check out our private events page for more info.